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How to Care for Your Oriental Rug

Rotation – To insure even wear, your rug should be rotated once a year. 

Vacuuming – Oriental rugs, like most carpeting, should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove dirt and restore life to the fibers. Be sure not to vacuum the fringe with your beater bar! Use the end of the vacuum hose. 

Padding – A quality pad used under your rug helps protect it from dirt, wear and slippage. 

Spot and Spill Procedures – Make sure you safely and immediately clean up spots and spill before they set. 

a) First, soak up the excess liquid by blotting with a clean white absorbent material. Do not brush or rub the stain. 

b) Then spot-clean with a mild detergent-white vinegar water solution. Do not over wet. 

c) Rinse area thoroughly with water and small amount of vinegar. Avoid wetting the rug’s backing 

d) Blot dry until most of the moisture has been absorbed. 

e) Allow to air dry. A fan or cool hair dryer can be used to hasten the drying process. 

f) For stains that do not come out using these methods, call us.