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How to Clean Up a Spill without Damaging your Carpet

(Including fresh urine spots)

Step 1: Cover spill with white napkins or paper towels. Do not use colored paper! It might transfer the color onto the carpet. Be sure to use a Thick stack to absorb as much of the spot as possible.

Step 2: Blot by stepping on the stack of towels. Repeat this process until no transfer takes place.

Step 3: Apply Spotting Agent.

Pet Spots: Only use pet spotter on pet spots. Pet spotter is designed to neutralize urine salts. Do not use an over the counter spotting agent because, these are not designed to neutralize the urine. Get your carpets cleaned as soon after a pet spot as possible. Even if you do a great job cleaning the spot, urine salts can still be left behind which will discolor your textile and collect odor causing bacteria.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 & 2 after applying spotting agent. If spot does not come out, do NOT attempt any further action, as you may set the spot and/ or damage your carpet. Instead call us and keep the spot moist until we can get there.