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Stone & Synthetic Floors

Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Pre- inspect

    During the pre-inspection we will be looking for and noting any cracks, missing grout or anything that could be a problem area. 

  • Pre-spray

    The floor is pre-treated to allow for more effective soil removal.

  • Agitate

    With an electric buffer the floor will then be scrubbed to loosen up any tough dirt built up.

  • Extraction & Neutralize

    This is the actual cleaning part. Using a special attachment we will pressure wash the tile & grout while extracting all the dirty water without leaving a mess. A neutralizing chemical is run thru the solution during the extraction process that leaves the floor with a balanced pH. The extractions process leaves the floor dry and residue free. 

If the grout is still stained then it was improperly sealed originally. With proper sealing of the grout, it should clean up to like new. We can seal or reseal the grout to help prevent future staining. 

When comparing Rink to other tile & grout cleaners, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Most other company’s do not machine scrub the floor, they will hand scrub or go directly to the extraction step. Hand scrubbing does not give as good of a result as machine scrubbing.

VCT Restoration (resilient floor)

These are the floors commonly found in hospitals that have that deep shine. 

  • Pre-inspect

    During the pre-inspection we will be looking for missing or damaged tile, amount of finish that is scratched or worn off.

  • Sweep

    This will remove large debris.

  • Applying Stripper

    We will apply a stripping chemical that will eat the old wax off the floor without damaging the floor itself.

  • Stripping

    Using an electric buffer with a black scrub pad, we will scrub the floor to remove any old finish left.

  • Vacuum

    The stripper and old wax is removed by using a wet dry vac.

  • Rinse

    This is where we us a neutralizing chemical and mop the floors to remove any stripper residue left after vacuuming.

  • Apply new finish

    We apply 4 new coats of wax to all completely stripped floors. There as different types of wax that can be used depending on your maintenance program.

  • Burnishing

    This is only done if your maintenance program calls for it. It is not done to all types of wax. This is what gives the floors that deep shine.

    We also have a top scrub process, where the top two coats are removed and 2 new coats are applied. This will only work on floors that are in good shape and the finish is not completely ruined.

Natural Stone

We also restore Marble, Granite, and Terrazzo. For cleaning and restoration purposes, the most suitable method should be chosen according to the level of wear. It entails removing dirt, erasing stains and restoring the worn protective layer. Natural stone is very sensitive to chemicals. Only cleaning chemicals designed for natural stone should be used.

After the restoration process is complete, the stone should be sealed using an impregnating sealer. This will make the floors more resistant to spills.